What is


Wheel measurement device for any wheeled vehicle able to measure in real operating conditions the effective wheel plane kinematics with respect to the ground.

Designed to overcome the practical challenges of wheel based direct measurements:
• Fixing sensors to the wheel;
• Avoiding crashes with body and suspension;
• Measuring with respect to a moving reference (ground);
• Deal with real world noise and imperfections.

Enabling technology for Tire grip characterization in the real condition: combined with specific sensors it enables to know with precision interaction Forces&Moments at the contact patch.

Technical characteristics

  • Rigidly attached to the wheel
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Direct Measurements with respect to ground
  • Based on Multiple Optical Triangulation
  • Simple, Accurate and Reliable method
  • Configurable with additional sensors
  • Straightforward non-invasive testing on any vehicle.

Wom can measure:

Dynamic Wheel Kinematics with respect to the ground:

  • Inclination Angle
  • Loaded Radius
  • Tire-Road Contact Point
  • Spindle Angle
  • Tread Temperature at multiple points from constant distance
  • Caster angle*
  • Kingpin*
  • SAI angle*
  • Scrub Radius*
  • Mechanical Trail* and more….

* Optional for some suspensions

Applications Summary

Tire Analysis

F&M testing & characterization

Instantaneous contact patch dynamics

Realistic load cases for indoor testing

Tire mechanics investigations

Tire thermodynamics characterization

Tire-Vehicle optimum integration

Intelligent Tire calibration and validations

Wear and Emissions

Vehicle Analysis

Dynamic wheel kinematics

Dynamic steering kinematics

Tire-Vehicle optimum integration

Target tire setting

Defining tire effective operative domain

Real event load cases for KnC Validation

Vehicle Dynamics Investigations



Suspension setup optimization

Tire temperature management

Inclination Angle track scanner

Smart modelling validation

Fast & data-driven race planification

Sim & Digital Twin

Tire, suspension and full vehicle model optimization & validation in the real condition

Dependency of the dynamic radius with speed and load

Specific tire-road interaction modelling

Tire Turnslip Parking modelling

Steering Kinematics Parking modelling

+ Realistic digital twins


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